Taylor Swift + Rapunzel

In which Guillermo represents the entire Swift fandom

You held your head like a hero, on a history book page, it was the end of a decade, but the start of an age…

“It sucks that this had to happen to you, I am so sorry but you are so, so brave and so, so strong and I know you can get through this. We can do it together, okay? I’ll be thinking of you and sending you love & prayers every day, and next time we see each other you’ll be front row at my concert. Deal?”
— Taylor Swift (to a child at hasboro children’s hospital who had previously had tickets to a show but had to cancel due to her illness.)

“everyone has a story worth telling everyone”-Taylor Swift

“everyone has a story worth telling everyone”-Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Sarah Hyland visit “Under My Skin” on Broadway


Taylor liking more Instagram photos…

The $19.95 million dollar Tribeca apartment that Taylor bought from Peter Jackson.